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A gentle yet effective eye lotion specifically developed for cats and dogs, Beaphar Eye Lotion effectively soothes and cleans the eye, with a dual action formula ideal for all cats and dogs over 12 weeks of age and for regular use as required. Specially formulated with premium quality ingredients for maximum effects, Beaphar Eye Lotion contains MSM, known in human healthcare for its properties in supporting healthy skin. Upon contact with skin, MSM helps to rejuvenate cells, leaving the skin moisturised and soothed. It also contains saline, helping the eyes naturally flush out any dust and debris which may lead to other eye problems. Suitable for all cats and dogs from 12 weeks of age, Beaphar Eye Lotion is ideal for regular use, helping to improve or maintain eye health in pets.  It can also be used to aid the removal of tear stains and to support the sensitive skin around their eyes, keeping dogs and cats happy and visually healthy. Dual action eye lotion for dogs and cats Soothes and cleans the eyes Helps rejuvenate skin cells Helps support the sensitive skin around the eye Helps the eye naturally flush out any dust and debris preventing further eye problems Aids the removal of tear stains Easy to use, with a soft applicator nozzle for easy application Suitable for all dogs and cats over 12 weeks of age How to use:  For cleaning the eyes: Hold your pet gently but firmly and place the pipette at the corner of the eye, ensuring the nozzle does not touch the eyeball. Squeeze in one or two drops and then allow your pet to blink. Using cotton wool or a piece of tissue, gently wipe away any excess lotion around the eye along with any dirt. For tear stains: Place one or two drops of Beaphar eye Lotion on a piece of cotton wool and wipe around the eyes until the fur is clean. To prevent cross contamination, always use a new piece of cotton wool or tissue for each eye. Active Ingredients: MSM, Saline. Safety Note: Always read safety instructions on the packaging before use. For animal use only. Contains active ingredients. DO NOT use if your pet is under veterinary supervision for an eye problem unless your vet has advised you to do so. Once opened, use within four weeks. 

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