Pets Choice Carp Pellets – 10kg


  • With spirulina
  • Floating
  • Non-clouding
  • With added stabilised vitamin c
  • A pets choice product

You can order this product online but it is only available for collection from our shop in Sittingbourne.


With spirulina – spirulina is a highly nutritious species of filamentous algae from Mexico. Spirulina is a natural colour enhancer that strengthens and ‘fixes’ the coloured markings of all breeds of pond fish.Floating – Encourages your fish to feed at the surface of the pond for your enjoyment and prevents build-up of lost food at the bottom or your pond.Non-Clouding – The food is specially formulated to be highly digestible to reduce water pollution and to prevent the break-up and disintegration of the food in the water, keeping your pond clear and well oxygenated.With added stabilised vitamin C – Vitamin C builds up the diseased resistance and maximises the natural healing of abrasions and wounds in your fish. Pets Choice Pond Food uses a special stabilised form of the micronutrient that has been specifically formulated and tested for use in aquatic feeds.January – FebruaryThe water in outdoor ponds will be at its coldest. The fish will be in a state of virtual hibernation and should not be fed if the water is below 8°C. If there is a prolonged mild spell and the fish become active, then an easily digestible food such as Pets Choice Wheatgerm Sticks or Pets Choice Wheatgerm Pellets may be fed. March – AprilThe fish will begin searching for food as the water temperature increases above 9°C. Initially feed Pets Choice Wheatgerm Sticks or Pets Choice Wheatgerm Pellets.May – JuneThe water temperature should now be rising to 15°C in most regions of the UK. Fish should be feeding actively, and should be offered good quality food such as Pets Choice Pond Sticks or Pets Choice Pond Pellets several times per day. A higher protein food such as Pets Choice Carp Sticks or Pets Choice Carp Pellets is especially good for breeding fish or to enhance the fish’s condition and colour.July – AugustWater temperatures will be at a maximum and the dish should be active and feeding at maximum levels. Feed at least twice a day and include a high protein food such as Pets Choice Carp Sticks and Pets Choice Carp Pellets. For water temperatures above 18°C koi may start to spawn. If the water temperature exceeds 25-27°C the fish will probably stop feeding and become lethargic, if possible shade the pond from the sun.September – October Warm days and frosty nights will cause water temperatures to fall. This should have little effect on deep ponds but may affect shallow ponds. Pond fish will be active and feeding and should be fed a high quality food such as Pets Choice Pond Sticks or Pets Choice Pond Pellets. As the pond algae and plants die back this is a good time to clean and maintain your pond before the water temperature drops below 10°C as the fish will still be feeding and their immune systems will be active, enabling then to cope with the disturbance. It is important to remove dead or decaying leaves from the water to prevent pollution problems. November – DecemberAs the water temperature drops the fish will become less active and are likely to stop feeding and remain motionless on the bottom of the pond. Do not distribute the fish unnecessarily as this will cause them to use up their food reserves. Only feed when the water temperature is above 8°C and take care not to overfeed. In general, a low protein, easily digestible food such as Pets Choice Wheatgerm Sticks or Pets Choice Wheatgerm Pellets offered once per day will be sufficient.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg


derivatives of vegetable origin;
meat and animal derivatives;
fish and fish derivatives;
oils and fats;
algae (spirulina 0.05%).


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